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Teeth Whitening in Berkshire.

Crowthorne Dental is very proud to become a reliable, professional teeth-whitening dentist in Berkshire, supplying the very finest in rapid, affordable, robust, and long-lasting results.

We provide two kinds of teeth whitening,

Zoom whitening (in-house), and a house teeth whitening kit (used for at least two weeks).

Teeth whitening is a secure, non-evasive, and cheaper medical option to ceramic veneers and dental implants, offering a full smile makeover. Teeth whitening should only be carried out by an expert dentist or controlled dentist, like a dental hygienist or dentist, about the prescription of a dentist.

At Crowthorne Dental in Berkshire, all medical choices are clarified to our patients until we begin a teeth-whitening treatment. Over the years, teeth have become stained with food and beverage. Smoking further stains teeth, leading to the natural white color becoming darkened.

Teeth whitening is a compelling and easy way of lightening the color of the teeth. A custom-made mouth is made. A whitening gel is placed in the tray that’s worn as you sleep, or even for brief intervals during the day. Results are typically viewed over two weeks. Get in touch with us about ways to receive your teeth-whitening kits at Berkshire.

The Philips Zoom Chairside process can take as many as two hours; an additional pH booster program is put on the teeth before the whitening gel, which hastens the whitening process, delivering dramatic results.

The chairside therapy is subsequently utilized in combination with Zoom DayWhite or even NiteWhite for individuals to continue whitening in the home. For people who enjoy the ease of whitening while they sleep, there’s NiteWhite; for individuals who prefer a briefer wear-time, we’d urge our DayWhite Take-Home therapy.

Just how much can teeth whiten Cost?

We’ve guaranteed our teeth-whitening prices are very competitive compared to other specialist teeth-whitening practices in Berkshire.

Our costs, therefore, start from only £320. To see our newest prices and offers please visit our charges page.

Why Zoom is your best teeth-whitening treatment in Berkshire:

Attain your whitest smile in only 60 minutes with a trip to our Bracknell teeth whitening clinic. Safe and successful gums and teeth – 95 percent of individuals surveyed agreed that it produced excellent outcomes.

Zoom utilizes LED light to accelerate bleaching for maximum results in minimum time. Carried out from our dental practitioners, therefore that it’s the healthiest choice for your teeth. Adjustable intensity settings that may be changed to get rid of sensitivity to boost your relaxation. (Nearly all of our patients do not have any responses to the sensitivity; however, as well as the conventional configurations do nicely )

Where would you reside in Berkshire?

If your searching for teeth whitening in Reading (a 20-minute drive away) or even Bracknell (in which a substantial part of our patients reside ) or reside around any of these Berkshire towns, then why not come along to our friendly and conveniently situated dental clinic in Bracknell to your teeth whitening.

Our rates are highly competitive, our service and care are exceptional because we want to be called the very best dental clinic in Berkshire for teeth whitening. Read our patients’ excellent honest reviews on all elements of dentistry and teeth whitening. Our nearest railroad stations are Bracknell or even Martins Heron.

Please enter your postcode below for directions to our clinic.

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About Crowthorne

Crowthorne a large village in South-Eastern Berkshire with beautiful natural surroundings. They are nestled between Wildmoor Nature reserve, Crowthorne woods, Bucklers Forest and Swinley Forest. With a short drive, there are rich heritage sites. You can visit the Historic information house in Tudor style in Greys Court with its picturesque gardens. It has historic features and information such as a Tudor Wheelhouse, a maze, an ice house, and a World War Two Victory Kitchen Garden. Then you can enjoy a delicious Lamb and rosemary pie at the 14th Century Anchor Inn Restaurant. The Inn also offers charming accommodation. Discover the stunning Cliveden Set Gardens by the Thames River with extensive views of the magnificent surroundings. It has a magical garden for kids to play out the imaginations of their favorite fairy tales, with an expansive labyrinth and vast playground. While the kids play all day to their heart’s content, mom can enjoy a relaxing break at The Cliveden Spa.
Just 11 miles from the center of Crowthorne, you can have an extensive experience of the beautiful Windsor Castle. This is one of three of the Queen’s official residences and one of Britain’s 7 Wonders.
Just outside of Crowthorne, there is the marvelous Bracknell Forest with the Blackwater and Cut River running through this picturesque forest known for the wildlife.
Then for your tastebuds, there are some of the best Breweries and tasteful Vineyards to visit. Or you can enjoy an 80 minute Thames River Cruise. You will see wildlife and lovely countryside views.
Crowthorne was a small settlement in 1859 until Wellington College opened up and the Broadmoor Hospital attracted people for Jobs. Wellington College was started as a school and home for orphaned children of British army officers.

The College was named after the Duke of Wellington, who had died in 1852. In 2006 the school started supporting orphaned children of deceased servicemen and servicewomen. Crowthorne is a lovely CountrySide village with excellent schools. In 2013 It was voted as the 2nd best Place to Live in England and Wales for growing families. It is conveniently close to London and Heathrow airport.

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